Bellwether 360°

Our 360° service is a One Stop Lifestyle Financial Planning service which organises our client’s affairs bringing clarity, reassurance, collaboration and expert ongoing solution implementation to achieve their lifestyle goals.

We deal with the big picture “What if?”, “How?” and “When?” type questions. “What if I retire earlier?”, “Can I clear off my mortgage 5 years sooner?”, “Can I afford to educate my children in certain schools?” “Could I consider a change of career?”

Our Bellwether 360° service is delivered by a director and uses state of art financial planning tools coupled with the experience and expertise that Barry Mooney has amassed over 25 years in financial services. Barry is also an award winning Certified Financial Planner CFP®.

The Bellwether 360° service adopts a three stage approach


Life Planning – About YOU

  • Consider YOUR experiences, dreams, fears, guiding principles and lifestyle aspirations
  • Help YOU identify the lifestyle that YOU want now and in the future

Financial Planning

  • Analyse YOUR current and future finances based upon all of YOUR existing arrangements.
  • Consider how attainable YOUR current lifestyle goals are and any potential risks
  • Prioritise or add to these goals and quantifying the cost
  • Build an Actionable financial plan to help YOU achieve these goals

Financial Advice

  • Expert implementation of YOUR plan in the most efficient manner
  • Ongoing guidance and revising of YOUR plan in line with YOUR evolving Lifestyle goals


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