Core Advice Services

Financial planning provides individuals and their family’s with a multitude of REAL benefits. We want to ensure that clients have the crucial building blocks in place for their financial planning and offer a clear, expert and personal service in the following areas:

Core Services



Protection should be the foundation of any financial planning. An unexpected event such as serious illness, disability or death could result in serious and long lasting financial difficulties for you and your family.

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Pensions are one of the most important and tax efficient elements of any financial planning. Bellwether have significant experiences in all pension types and can guide you through, and implement, a pension strategy that will be a significant part of your overall financial plan.

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Investment & Savings


Investment is crucial to all parts of your financial plan be it in deciding an appropriate approach to short term “emergency funding”, a medium term savings plan for your children’s education or a long term strategy for your pension planning.

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Estate Planning


Having accumulated wealth over your lifetime you may have considered leaving assets to your family or others on death or, gifting assets during your lifetime. It is prudent to plan for this objective to ensure that assets are transferred in the most tax efficient manner.

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Day to Day Financial Management


In modern life there are numerous demands on your time and finances so much so that it can be difficult to get a handle on exactly how and where your money is being spent.

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