Estate Planning

Having accumulated wealth over your lifetime you may have considered leaving assets to your family or others on death or, gifting assets during your lifetime. It is prudent to plan for this objective to ensure that assets are transferred in the most tax efficient manner. Failing to plan may result in these assets being reduced by Capital Acquisition Tax (CAT) in the form of inheritance or gift tax. The dual effect of CAT rates increasing and the CAT tax free thresholds reducing over the last number of years means estate planning has become a consideration for a greater number of people.

Capital Acquisition Tax Thresholds

Group Relationship to Disponer Current Threshold
A Son/Daughter €320,000
B Parent/Brother/Sister
C Relationship other than Group A or B €16,250

Relief and Exemptions from Capital Acquistion Tax

There are certain types of relief and exemptions that apply to different inherited or gifted assets. These include

  • Agricultural relief
  • Business relief
  • Spouse or civil partner exemption
  • Family home relief

Bellwether’s advisors specialise on relief that can be obtained through life assurance arrangements.

Bellwether’s advisors specialise in Estate Planning tax efficient strategies that can be accessed through life assurance arrangements.