Financial Advice for Parents of Special Needs Dependents

As the parent of a special needs child, you are concerned for their future. Your child is highly dependent on you and specialist care. You want to be sure that they will have everything they need, even if you’re no longer earning and even if you’re no longer around.

You have very specific requirements for your finances, you need to make sure that they will go the extra mile to cover everything that’s needed for your dependents. You need to be sure that you get expert help from someone who can understand the complexities of your situation.

Our Bellwether 360° service is designed to do just that. We take a deep dive into your finances and listen to your specific needs so that we can develop a plan that will meet your long term goals. Our particular experience in this area means that we understand that you need a unique solution for inheritance and long term wealth planning. With your plan in place you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing that you have done everything to ensure your dependents will be taken care of.

Case Study: Read how Bellwether Financial Planning helped Barbara gain peace of mind for her children’s future.

With a change in employment I wanted to get an independent overview of my family’s current protection, savings and pension arrangements/requirements.  Barry and Bellwether provided exactly what I required and more.
Using the Bellwether 360° service I was able to see clearly what our financial position was now and also what it would look like into the future.  This gave me clarity, allowed me to prioritise, and, with Barry’s assistance, implement key actions.  I found Barry and Bellwether to be very efficient, professional and expert and am happy to recommend him.
Gareth McQuillan – Head of Business Development, Reinsurance
I met Barry a number of years ago and was impressed with his whole approach from the start.  He is 100% professional and good company at the same time.  I have no hesitation in recommending Barry for pensions and financial advice.
Liam Keilthy – Managing Director at Parking Consultants Ltd
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