Bellwether delivers financial planning specifically for business owners and career professionals. We guide you through the myriad of financial decisions affecting both your personal and professional path, and help ensure you are financially resilient at every stage of your journey.

You only get one life – live it comfortably!
What do you really know about your current financial wellbeing?

  • Could you retire early?
  • When you retire, will you have sufficient means to maintain your desired lifestyle?
  • What affect would a career change, or reducing your working week, have on your financial life plan?
  • Is your family financially protected?
  • Are your financial affairs tax efficient?

Answer these questions through the Bellwether 360o.

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Recognised by many as ‘traditional’ financial advice, our Core Advice Service covers all aspects of financial planning for you, and your loved ones.
We ensure that you have the crucial building blocks in place, and offer clear, expert, and personalised advice in the following areas:

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You have worked hard and made sacrifices to build up your retirement plans. However, if your Pension funds are above the SFT at retirement you could be exposed to an effective tax rate of c. 70%.
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A limited company structure offers significant scope to protect you and your family’s current lifestyle,protect the business itself, fund for your future retirement and ultimately provide you with peace of mind – all very tax efficient!Click for more

Service Partners

Barry is a world-class pension and financial adviser. His technical knowledge is second to none. As importantly his understanding of each client’s individual requirements is exceptional. His empathy is unique and often missing in the business world. I highly recommend Barry without hesitation.
Mary Nyhan – Nyhan Tax Advisers – April 2022
In achieving our dreams, and braving steps that move towards that, good financial planning advice enables us to take those steps with focus and confidence.Bellwether Financial does that. The individual plan is key.
Bellwether ensures it is a personally relevant one.
Dr. Miriam Kennedy – Consultant Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist
and Senior Lecturer – March 2023
Having experienced a financial hit during the recession I was constantly on the back foot trying get my finances in order. I spent many sleepless nights worrying about the future and took the decision to seek out financial advice hoping for peace of mind. This is when I came across Bellwether and was instantly impressed with their online presentation. I made contact with Barry and after a chat It was like a breath of fresh air, the weight had been lifted. Barry guided me through the options and we hit on one that suited my needs perfectly. Shortly after our consultation he put the Bellwether 360° service into operation and I have never looked back. Barry is a fantastic financial advisor while being courteous,  personable and professional every step of the way. I can now sleep easy.
Mick Ellis, Sound Engineer – November 2023
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