Standard Fund Threshold

The current Standard Fund Threshold (SFT) of €2 million can significantly impact those with pension assets above this limit or those whose funds are projected to exceed it – funds above €2million being liable to an effective tax of c.70%. There are a number of strategies to manage pension assets effectively in light of this restriction.

These include:

  • Ceasing Contributions: Stop additional contributions to prevent tax penalties.
  • Tax Credit Utilization: Where available, apply lump sum tax credits to offset excess taxes.
  • Investment Strategy Review: Adjust investments to lower-risk/return options.
  • Early Benefit Access: Withdraw benefits early to reduce taxable growth.
  • Phased Access via PRSAs: Utilize phased withdrawals to manage tax exposure.
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Client Testimonials

Barry is a world-class pension and financial adviser. His technical knowledge is second to none. As importantly his understanding of each client’s individual requirements is exceptional. His empathy is unique and often missing in the business world. I highly recommend Barry without hesitation.
Mary Nyhan – Nyhan Tax Advisers – April 2022

In achieving our dreams, and braving steps that move towards that, good financial planning advice enables us to take those steps with focus and confidence.Bellwether Financial does that. The individual plan is key. Bellwether ensures it is a personally relevant one.
Dr. Miriam Kennedy – Consultant Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist &Senior Lecturer – March 2016

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