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What do you really know about your current financial wellbeing?

Our Bellwether 360o service knows exactly what questions to ask in order to develop a visual representation of your current, and projected , financial wellbeing.

We take time to understand your personal situation, your goals, your responsibilities, and work with you to develop a realistic financial plan that adapts when life’s inevitable curve balls are thrown your way.

This is a fee based service and we will be happy to advise on the fee after an initial (free) consultation.

Our financial planning service, Bellwether 360°, is different.

Using state-of-the-art financial planning tools coupled with expert knowledge we take a deep dive into your current financial situation, so that you can get a coherent overview and see the bigger picture. We will simplify your options to help you make wise decisions for your future.

Questions that are answered through Bellwether 360:

  • Can you retire early?
  • When you retire, will you have sufficient means to maintain your desired lifestyle?
  • What effect would a career change, or reducing your working week, have on your financial life plan?
  • Is your family financially protected?
  • Can you cope with life’s milestone events – education, moving house, major celebrations etc.
  • Are your financial affairs tax efficient?
  • Could you, and your loved ones, cope financially with an unexpected illness?

Some of the benefits our clients have experienced:

  • A new level of financial clarity that delivers security, surety, and sometimes even giddiness!,
  • Intangible hopes for the future, have become tangible goals
  • The door to the possible opens – early retirement? Change of career? Reduced working week?
  • The stress and anxiety of the unknown, diminishes, &Reduced stress and worry
  • “What If” analysis delivers the peace of mind you can cope with whatever life throws at you.

How it Works

The Bellwether 360° service adopts a three stage approach

Life Planning – About YOU

  • Consider YOUR experiences, dreams, fears, guiding principles and lifestyle aspirations
  • Help YOU identify the lifestyle that YOU want now and in the future

Financial Planning

  • Analyse YOUR current and future finances based upon all of YOUR existing arrangements.
  • Consider how attainable YOUR current lifestyle goals are and any potential risks
  • Prioritise or add to these goals and quantifying the cost
  • Build an Actionable financial plan to help YOU achieve these goals

Financial Advice

  • Expert implementation of YOUR plan in the most efficient manner
  • Ongoing guidance and revising of YOUR plan in line with YOUR evolving Lifestyle goals

Client Testimonials

Barry is a world-class pension and financial adviser. His technical knowledge is second to none. As importantly his understanding of each client’s individual requirements is exceptional. His empathy is unique and often missing in the business world. I highly recommend Barry without hesitation.
Mary Nyhan – Nyhan Tax Advisers – April 2022
In achieving our dreams, and braving steps that move towards that, good financial planning advice enables us to take those steps with focus and confidence.Bellwether Financial does that. The individual plan is key. Bellwether ensures it is a personally relevant one.
Dr. Miriam Kennedy – Consultant Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist &Senior Lecturer – March 2016
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