“Having experienced a financial hit during the recession I was constantly on the back foot trying get my finances in order . I spent many sleepless nights worrying about the future and took the decision to seek out financial advice hoping for peace of mind . This is when I came across Bellwether and was instantly impressed with their online presentation . I made contact with Barry and after a chat It was like a breath of fresh air, the weight had been lifted . Barry guided me through the options and we hit on one that suited my needs perfectly. Shortly after our consultation he put the Bellwether 360° service into operation and I have never looked back .

Barry is a fantastic financial advisor while being courteous,  personable and professional every step of the way . I can now sleep easy.”

Mick Ellis, Sound Engineer – November 2023

A colleague recommended Barry when I wanted to get a sense of my current pension planning and consider some appropriate investment options. I appreciated that he took the time to get an in depth understanding of my wider financial and personal circumstances before advising, specifically, on my pensions and investments.
I find Barry to be thoroughly professional but very approachable at the same time. Fees and charges were dealt with in a transparent way whilst the advice and ultimate recommendation were presented in a very straightforward, understandable manner. I would be happy to recommend Barry for your financial planning.
Denise Donohoe – Chartered Tax Adviser – April 2022
As an independent engineering contractor with a limited company, I had little experience in pension planning. I found Barry’s approach easy to understand and he answered all my questions thoroughly. He was able to set me up with an excellent pension plan which I have found to be very tax efficient and he has updated me regularly on my options as the years have gone by.
I would highly recommend Barry and Bellwether especially if you are a contractor.
Aaron Collins – Engineering Contractor – April 2022

Barry is a world-class pension and financial adviser. His technical knowledge is second to none. As importantly his understanding of each client’s individual requirements is exceptional. His empathy is unique and often missing in the business world.

I highly recommend Barry without hesitation.

Mary Nyhan – Nyhan Tax Advisers – April 2022

Barry was recommended via a mortgage broker when I wanted to explore retirement planning and how it would work with my limited company. I appreciated that Barry took the time to fully explain the intricacies of pensions in a straightforward, relatable manner.

We have established a company pension plan that I am happy with and I have the peace of mind of knowing that I can contact Barry at any stage (in addition to our scheduled annual meetings) if my personal or business circumstances change.

I would recommend Barry for your financial planning, particularly in relation to company pensions.

Finn Richards – Photographer and Filmmaker at Stills & Motion – April 2022

When I set up my own business 6 years ago, I was prepared to make my own investment decisions for my pension savings as I had spent the majority of my career to that point in financial services. However, the investment strategy backing your pension is just one piece of the puzzle, and

Barry and Bellwether provide me with helpful guidance across my entire financial life to ensure I’ve got all the bases covered.

Pete Townsend – Founding Partner – Norio Ventures Ltd – April 2022

Bellwether have been guiding us expertly on our personal financial planning for many years now. It has been critical in enabling us to plan, save and spend in a structured and sustained way as our lives have changed, our careers have developed and our priorities have evolved.

More than facilitation and support, Bellwether provides active engagement and critical analysis that has helped shape our personal finances.

What Bellwether delivers above all else for us is piece of mind in an area of risk and complexity. When it comes to your personal financial future, this is the quintessential “added value” service.

At every step we have felt fully supported and in the hands of someone we trust.

Stephen & Mairead Carty – April 2022
In achieving our dreams, and braving steps that move towards that, good financial planning advice enables us to take those steps with focus and confidence.  Bellwether Financial does that.
The individual plan is key.  Bellwether ensures it is a personally relevant one.
Dr. Miriam Kennedy – Consultant Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist and Senior Lecturer – March 2016

Reviewing our pension, protection and savings requirements was something I had been meaning to do for a number of years.  With the birth of our first child I felt the time was right and Barry and Bellwether were recommended to me.  I was very glad they were.

Barry was able to field the many questions I had on pensions, income protection, life cover in a way that left me in no doubt that he is an expert in his field.  Not only that but this was also carried out in a very personal yet efficient manner which put me very much at ease.

It continues to be a pleasure to deal with Barry and Bellwether and I would sincerely recommend them.

Brian Barry, Senior Valuer – JLL MENA – April 2016

Having used Bellwether’s service, myself and my wife found the experience and outcome to be very worthwhile.  The Bellwether 360° service was very detailed and all encompassing, examining and addressing all of our financial planning concerns in a “big picture” context.  This contributed hugely in identifying the key decisions that we had to make in order to plan how we can live the life that we want.

Barry was key to this experience and provided, and continues to provide, excellent and expert advice in all aspects of our life, pension, investment and day to day finances.  We found Barry to be trustworthy, very much people-focused and highly professional.  In addition Barry has the ability to communicate what is sometimes complex and technical information in a way that is easily understood.

We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Barry and Bellwether and I would have no hesitation in recommending Bellwether services.

Ray Kelly, Partner – Chartered Accountant – January 2015

When you engage with a financial adviser you want to be sure that they have Your best interests at heart.  This has certainly been my experience with Barry and Bellwether who have demonstrated their independence, expertise and professionalism in all of my dealings with them.

I think it is important that when you seek advice on any matter that there is a frankness and honesty in term of what you can and cannot do.  This, to my mind, creates a greater sense of trust and gives you peace of mind.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Barry and Bellwether for your financial planning requirements.

Ken O’ Sullivan, Director – Institute of Banking – April 2016
With a change in employment I wanted to get an independent overview of my family’s current protection, savings and pension arrangements/requirements.  Barry and Bellwether provided exactly what I required and more.
Using the Bellwether 360° service I was able to see clearly what our financial position was now and also what it would look like into the future.  This gave me clarity, allowed me to prioritise, and, with Barry’s assistance, implement key actions.  I found Barry and Bellwether to be very efficient, professional and expert and am happy to recommend him.
Gareth McQuillan – Head of Business Development, Reinsurance – April 2016
I met Barry a number of years ago and was impressed with his whole approach from the start.  He is 100% professional and good company at the same time.  I have no hesitation in recommending Barry for pensions and financial advice.
Liam Keilthy – Managing Director at Parking Consultants Ltd – March 2016

Not being from Ireland, but planning to settle down here long term, I needed to get some good, independent advice on my financial planning.  Added to this, as an IT contractor with a limited company, I wanted to know how I could use the limited company to help my financial goals.

I was referred into Bellwether Financial Planning by my accountant and I’m very happy with the introduction.  I met Barry from Bellwether on a number of occasions and felt that he really took the time to understand me and my circumstances before making any recommendations.  He then took the time to advise me again before he implemented my wishes.  He’s always available for advice and is always friendly, clear, professional and responsive – top drawer.

I would strongly recommend Bellwether and Barry for any advice you may need on protection, pension and indeed, financial planning.

Carolyn Speyer – Independent IT Contractor – July 2017

As a business owner, I am constantly looking at ways to improve my business and maintain service excellence to my clients.  Like all entrepreneurs running your business comes with risk and challenges; at times it can be all consuming.  I was conscious of ensuring that the business was also working and providing for me and my family.  A close family friend put me in touch with Barry Mooney in Bellwether Financial Planning.

From the get go I felt that Barry really took the time to understand the goals, concerns and reservations of me and my wife.  It was reassuring that I always dealt with Barry, I would imagine that Bellwether’s director led service is unique in the Irish market.  At all times I felt that Bellwether acted independently and in the best interest of my family.  All our questions were addressed to our satisfaction and with clarity.  I was in no doubt that I was dealing with experts in financial planning.

We established very tax efficient solutions to protect my salary and my family’s financial wellbeing in the event of my premature death or serious illness.  In addition we have addressed how the company can meet our post retirement income requirements.  Our planning is ongoing and I know that I can pick up the phone or send an email to Barry at any time of the day or night and he will be back to me promptly.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Bellwether for any of your financial planning needs and I look forward to working with Barry and Bellwether for many years to come.

Andrew Byron – Owner of Stylo Motion Design – July 2017

Having dealt with Barry over the last number of years I have found his approach to my financial planning to be very beneficial.  He has on a number of occasions demonstrated a deep and expert knowledge in the areas of protection, pensions and investments.

I have always found Barry to be trustworthy, courteous and proactive and I would not hesitate in recommending him for your financial planning requirements.

Michael Farrell, Neuropathologist – July 2014

With work and family life being so hectic it is essential that when it comes planning for the future you get the advice of someone who is on top of their game.  Barry and Bellwether meet this criteria and have shown not only expertise, efficiency and professionalism but also an ability to understand what is important to us as a family.

Knowing that we are being looked after and well-advised in our financial planning gives us great peace of mind.  Barry and Bellwether come with our highest recommendation.

Senan Clandillon & Heather Scully, Directors – Clandillon Civil Consulting – March 2016

Barry has looked after my affairs, particularly those of my retirement, over a number of years.  To say that these were complicated is an understatement as they covered both private and HSE pensions arrangements.  Barry demonstrated a deep level of expertise and knowledge particularly in relation to Personal Fund Thresholds and how they interplay with HSE pension benefits.

I am happy to recommend Barry and Bellwether services.

Dr. Ian E. Eustace – Registered Specialist in Occupational Medicine – June 2015

I had the pleasure of dealing with Barry regarding my personal and corporate pension planning objectives over a number of years.  His ability to understand my requirements and then suggest, implement and monitor the solutions in an understandable and professional manner created a fantastic, collaborative relationship.

I believe that anyone who avails of Barry and Bellwether’s service will find them to be hugely beneficial and they come with my sincere recommendation.

Mick O’ Leary, Managing Director

My wife and I used Barry and Bellwether’s services to get a better understanding of our protection and pension options and explore how these could be funded in a tax efficient manner.

We were particularly impressed by Barry’s ability to communicate and explain the more technical aspects of pensions in an easily understood manner.  In terms of implementation of the recommendations, the ongoing servicing and dealing with Barry and Bellwether in general we are very happy.

We look forward to continuing to work with Barry in the future and we highly recommend him and Bellwether.

Dusan Martinka, MD – ADM Concepts Limited – March 2016

If you are truly serious about putting real financial planning in place, Barry and Bellwether’s service is for you.

It can be difficult, if not impossible, even for accountants, to get a handle on the sort of finances that might be needed to meet your lifestyle expenses in the future.  Part of Bellwether’s service provides cash flow analysis which does exactly this.  Based upon our current expenditure, resources, and desired lifestyle Bellwether were able to map out what our future finances would look like – i.e. what our living expenses would be and where the funds would come from to meet these.  This has given us really clarity and is allowing us make informed decisions and implement a financial plan which will have a real impact on our future.

Barry and Bellwether Financial planning have given me and my wife peace of mind and clarity regarding our future and I would highly recommend them.

Jim King, Principal – A J King & Co – April 2016

I have had the pleasure of engaging Bellwether Financial Planning in the last 12 months and am more than happy to provide a testimonial.

Bellwether were at all times professional, thorough and went that extra mile to meet my expectations.  While there was no doubting their expertise I also found our dealings to be very personal and I had access to Barry Mooney, Director, at all times.  This attention left me in no doubt that my best interests were being looked after by someone who was independent and had invaluable experience in the financial planning area.

I would happily recommend Bellwether to anyone who is serious about their financial planning and personally look forward to working with Bellwether for many years to come.

Pete Townsend – Founder & CEO of Norio Ventures – August 2018

I have dealt with Barry over a number of years and have always found him to be professional, trustworthy and objective.  In particular his guidance pre and post retirement was most valuable.

My retirement considerations were quite complex involving both HSE and private pensions.  Through his expertise and structured approach Barry guided me through the complexities of this process implementing a clear post retirement investment strategy.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Barry and Bellwether for your financial planning.

William Quinlan, Orthopaedic Surgeon – June 2016

I have worked with Barry for a number of years in relation to assisting and planning my overall wealth management.  Over those years Barry has proved to be an invaluable asset in helping me to achieve my financial goals.  With a recent redundancy, Barry was able to offer me advice on the most tax efficient way of managing this redundancy, which was very beneficial.

In the last 18 months Barry introduced me to “The Bellwether 360° Service” and with the combination of Barry’s financial knowledge coupled with this extraordinary software tool, we were able to map a confident financial future for me based on my current circumstances.  What I like most about 360° is its overall view of your current circumstances and then it projects forward, so one can plan with confidence for future major milestones in one’s life cycle.

In summary, I would have no hesitation in recommending Barry & in particular his unique software package “Bellwether 360°“.

Pat Kerley, Founder Pharmaceutical Company – September 2015

I have referred a number of personal and corporate clients to Barry and Bellwether over the years.  All of the feedback that I have received has been very positive with Barry clearly demonstrating his proficiency in the services that Bellwether provide.  Barry takes the time to understand each client’s specific requirement, thus ensuring that the service/solutions that Bellwether deliver are tailored to the client.

I have no hesitation in recommending Barry and Bellwether for your investment, pension, protection and general financial planning.  I look forward to referring more clients in the future.

David Bell, MD – The HR Department – April 2016

As an independent contractor and company owner I wanted to engage with a financial planner who really understood the challenges that I face.  Barry and Bellwether Financial Planning certainly delivered in this regard and provided an expert, independent and professional service which exceeded my expectations.  What I particularly like about Barry’s approach is his ability to explain the nuances of important elements of financial planning, such as pensions, and how the company can efficiently fund these, in an easily understood manner.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Barry and Bellwether to business owners and individuals who want a top class financial planning service.

Anna Lakomiak Hughes – Project Manager/Business Analyst – April 2016

Barry and Bellwether were recommended to me by a colleague when I was in need of expert advice about my retirement planning, and in a hurry.  Prior to that I had come up against a brick wall with other advisers.

I was impressed with how quickly Barry was able to appreciate where I was coming from and what was most important to me.  Not only that, but using his expertise and experience he resolved my problem and implemented a solution in an impressively efficient and personable way.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Barry and Bellwether for any of your financial planning requirements.

Alan Bermingham, Business Owner – March 2016

As an independent contractor with a limited company, I was keen to examine ways of using the company structure to meet some of my personal requirements and perhaps reduce the amount of tax that I was paying.  Bellwether, from the get go, were very in tune with the unique challenges and concerns that I, as a contractor, faced.  These centred on the fact that I no longer had important benefits such as life cover, income protection and pension plans which I received while an employee.

Bellwether’s service not only addressed and resolved these concerns in an expert and very thorough manner but they did so in a “big picture” context introducing the concept of current and future cash flow planning.  I found Bellwether and Barry to be proactive, expert and very thorough with the ability to communicate technical elements of what I was arranging in an easily understood manner.

I would highly recommend that you talk to Bellwether and Barry about any of your financial planning requirements.

Neil D’Rosario – Head of Product Development, EMEA, MNC – April 2016

My husband, Joe, and I recently went through the Bellwether 360° process with Barry.  We have been very impressed.  Despite having 30 years experience in financial services I learned lots and we received valuable advice from him.  He is a very knowledgeable, trustworthy, people-focused and diligent person.

Barry is highly professional and our experience with him demonstrated that he is deeply committed to helping his clients achieve their financial goals.  He also explains everything at a level that suits the client.

We look forward to a long relationship going forward and are delighted to recommend his services.

Trudy Doyle – Regulatory Compliance Manager – April 2016

I have dealt with Barry regarding my personal affairs and the company’s staff scheme over a number of years.  I have always found him to be thoroughly professional, diligent and knowledgeable in our dealings.

I would highly recommend Barry and Bellwether for your financial planning.

John Mitchell, Ex CEO, St. John of God Development Company – June 2014

Barry has been central to the successful creation and management of my personal pension scheme and his good advice in this respect has been very valuable over a period of many years.  He has made himself available at all times and I have always found him to be thoroughly professional, pleasant to deal with and considerate to my best interests.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Barry’s professional services.

Dr Gerry Wardell, Director Codema – October 2014

When you recommend a person or service to a friend or colleague you are effectively putting your own reputation on the line.  In this regard I am delighted to say that whenever I have recommended the services of Barry and Bellwether the feedback I have received has been hugely positive.  Very professional, expert, personable and client focused are some of the comments that have been made to me by some very satisfied referees.

Barry is professional, efficient, sharp and very knowledgeable – all this of course you’d expect from a person you are going to trust to give you financial planning advice. But Barry is also your partner. He anticipates your questions, he knows where you are coming from and has all the details and information you need to get moving towards where you want to go.

I highly recommend Barry, you are in caring but sure hands with him.

Bence Vamos – Unified comms specialist

Barry is thoroughly professional, reliable and a pleasure to deal with.  His approach was to first understand my concerns and what I wanted to achieve and then use his considerable experience and expertise to suggest and implement solutions that are easily understood.  Barry takes the time to go through all elements of his recommendations which I found to be very reassuring.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Barry and Bellwether for any of your financial requirements

Nitin Sawant, MD – Techsalience Solutions Pvt Limited – March 2016

As an independent contractor and company owner there are additional, tax efficient, personal planning opportunity available via limited company structures.  In this regard I found Barry and Bellwether to be superb.

Barry’s knowledge, expertise and ability to suggest, implement and monitor solutions that suited my requirements were a breath of fresh air. In addition, I have always found Barry to be proactive and very responsive to any adjustments that I need to make to my plans due to the nature of contracting.

I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Barry and Bellwether for any financial planning that you are undertaking, particularly if you are a contractor or company owner.

Stan Dosaev, MD – Comstad Consulting Limited – April 2016

I was introduced to Barry and Bellwether’s 360 financial planning service by a good friend.  At the time I had just changed job and had a number of financial decisions to make – I wanted to understand how these individual decisions would impact on my medium to long term, overall finances and by extension how I would best manage my responsibilities.

In conjunction with Barry we considered and discussed where I was now, my financial responsibilities and goals.  Through Bellwether 360° we were able to assess how my current and future resources would contribute to the projected future costs and identify gaps that existed in preparing for the future.  Once identified we were able to put a definitive plan in place to address those gaps.  Part of this entailed the implementation of protection and pension plans and in this regard I found Barry’s advice and implementation to be transparent, understandable and totally professional.

I would highly recommend Barry and Bellwether Financial Planning.  He is an excellent professional and very considerate of a person’s values and goals.  If you want the peace of mind that comes with having a clear lifestyle financial plan in place and the reassurance of ongoing guidance as your circumstances change, seriously consider consulting Bellwether Financial Planning.

Tara Ryan, Registrar – August 2017


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