Financial Advice for Contractors

You want to be tax smart so you can achieve savings and get maximum efficiency with your income; whilst providing for valuable personal benefits.

However, contract work can be unpredictable. You need expert advice from someone who understands your specific situation so that you can put a tax efficient strategy in place to provision for benefits such as pensions and personal/family protection – all paid for by the company.

At Bellwether we take time to understand your personal situation and help you take a complete review of your finances. We help you identify the best solutions for your circumstances and how, as a contractor, you can develop your own individual plan.


Case Study: Read how Bellwether helped Max, a daily rate contractor, protect his family and
plan for retirement tax efficiently.

Contact us to explore how you as a contractor can maximise the use of your earnings – tax

Client Testimonials

Having used Barry for more than 10 years as my pensions adviser, I am so impressed with his professionalism and friendly disposition. He has looked after my husband and me and helped us grow our pensions to ensure our lifestyle is maintained during retirement. His advise has been invaluable and friendship gratefully accepted.

I would strongly recommend Bellwether and Barry for any advice you may need on protection, pension and indeed, financial planning.

Carolyn Speyer – Independent IT Contractor

As an independent contractor and company owner there are additional, tax efficient, personal planning opportunity available via limited company structures. In this regard I found Barry and Bellwether to be superb.Barry’s knowledge, expertise and ability to suggest, implement and monitor solutions that suited my requirements were a breath of fresh air. In addition I have always found Barry to be proactive and very responsive to any adjustments that I need to make to my plans due to the nature of contracting.

I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Barry and Bellwether for any financial planning that you are undertaking, particularly if you are a contractor or company owner.

Stan Dosaev, MD – Comstad Consulting Limited

Having experienced a financial hit during the recession I was constantly on the back foot trying get my finances in order. I spent many sleepless nights worrying about the future and took the decision to seek out financial advice hoping for peace of mind. This is when I came across Bellwether and was instantly impressed with their online presentation. I made contact with Barry and after a chat It was like a breath of fresh air, the weight had been lifted. Barry guided me through the options and we hit on one that suited my needs perfectly. Shortly after our consultation he put the Bellwether 360° service into operation and I have never looked back.Barry is a fantastic financial advisor while being courteous, personable and professional every step of the way. I can now sleep easy.
Mick Ellis, Sound Engineer – November 2023

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