You want to ensure that you have enough income to live comfortably in retirement, but the myriad of rules can be daunting. Even so, pension planning remains one of the few ways in which an individual or company can plan for retirement in a tax efficient manor.

Use our experience to guide your pension strategy
Our advisors have significant experience in all pension types and can guide you through, and implement, a pension strategy that will meet your long term goals.

We understand that pensions can be confusing so we help you find the best solution for your situation by accounting for:

  • Existing pension arrangements
  • Defined Benefit Schemes – Enhanced and normal transfer options
  • Maximisation of Tax Relief
  • An appropriate investment strategy
  • Standard and Personal Fund Threshold strategies
  • Post Retirement Options – Annuities or Approved Retirement Fund

We can advise you about:

  • Self-employed Pensions
  • Executive Pensions
  • Small self-administered schemes
  • Company Pensions
  • Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC’s)
  • Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSA’s)
  • Personal Retirement Bond / Buy Out Bonds
  • Defined Benefit schemes
  • Annuities
  • Approved Retirement Funds (ARF’s)
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