Do you qualify for the €1,000* Home Carer’s Tax Credit?

We are all looking at ways to maximise the proportion of our hard earned cash which hits our bank accounts after the various taxes are applied. Unfortunately, except for pension saving, relief from the dreaded marginal rate of income tax is virtually non-existent. Media coverage tends to focus heavily on the headline changes at Budget […]

Making sure the kids are alright

In The Sunday Times (16/08/2015) Mark Channing explores the costs of raising children. From childcare, school and college fees right through to assisting with a house deposit for adult children. Our own Barry Mooney provides practical advice on the steps that should be taken to plan for these costs and the importance of considering the […]

The Sunday Times – Savers need to get the balance right

In The Sunday Times (05/07/2015) Mark Channing examines some of the alternatives to Deposit Accounts in the current low interest rate environment. Our own Barry Mooney provides an insight into his personal investments, highlighting the importance of being clear on the purpose of each investment when considering if and where to invest. More details below […]

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