What if?

We’re in the midst of the holiday season and whether you are holidaying at home or abroad it’s time to kick back, relax (if the kids will let you) and really enjoy yourself. In a quiet moment your thoughts, just as they did a year ago, will drift to “What If?”

What if life was like this all of the time, or realistically, what if we could go for longer holidays or take 1 or 2 more a year?!!!

… and while we’re on the “What Ifs”, what if we were to retire 5 years earlier than the normal, buy a holiday/retirement home in our favourite county and still have a comfortable lifestyle up to that point? Could we do it? Would we be alright?

The list of What If’s could go on forever, the dream, a lifestyle to really enjoy now and in the future. But how does one even get started down this road? Life is so busy with some many moving parts is it even possible?

The answer is YES, it is possible to consider your lifestyle goals, estimate their cost and devise a plan to achieve these – right up to mortality. Asking the impossible? This service is available from a limited number of financial planners in Ireland. These financial planners have embraced technology and combined it with their expertise and experience to provide a One Stop service which allows you to embrace your lifestyle goals.

Of course not all of your lifestyle goals may be achievable but you’ll never know if you keep playing the “What if” guessing game. Food for thought… Now for a dip in the pool!!!!!

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