Here’s the Big Picture and it’s all about YOU

It is all about you Financial planning is a relatively straight forward concept. It is about ensuring that YOU have the income and resources to meet the expense of the lifestyle YOU want to live. Therefore, a financial plan should be devised, implemented, reviewed and adapted based specifically on YOUR lifestyle goals. How to Choose […]

Financial Planning – The Life Changing Benefits

While many view financial planning as a process it is worth examining its’ wider and deeper benefits and how they can positively impact on your life. Imagine being in a position where instead of using energy worrying and speculating about your future finances you have the reassurance of knowing that you have a long term, […]

See the Wood for the Trees

One of the central planks of successful financial planning is the ability to make sound decisions. An essential element to enable this is a thorough understanding of your current financial situation and how it might look in the future. The frequently heard complaint “I can’t see the wood for the trees” suggests that most people […]

The Business Eye features Bellwether Financial Planning

Listen to Barry on The Business Eye Barry talks with Paraic Marren of The Business Eye about Financial Planning and in particular about how Bellwether 360° provides a uniquely holistic financial planning approach. By using state of the art financial planning tools coupled with expert knowledge in pensions, investments and savings, protection, estate planning and […]

Personal Cashflow Analysis – Let’s Learn from Business

Financial planning is a relatively straight forward concept. It is about ensuring that you have the resources you need to live the life that you want. A comprehensive financial plan has many moving parts. The true test of a good plan, however, is how these “parts” can be addressed individually and collectively to achieve your […]

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