Here’s the Big Picture and it’s all about YOU

It is all about you

Financial planning is a relatively straight forward concept. It is about ensuring that YOU have the income and resources to meet the expense of the lifestyle YOU want to live. Therefore, a financial plan should be devised, implemented, reviewed and adapted based specifically on YOUR lifestyle goals.

How to Choose Goals

These goals don’t necessarily have to be in the “Save the World” category but can be as simple as –

  • Ensuring that you will have enough income in retirement
  • Giving your children a good education
  • Retiring early
  • Leaving assets to your children in an efficient manner

Seeing the big picture

Traditional financial advice has its limitation in that it is short term in nature and can’t give a “Big Picture” view of whether YOU can achieve these lifestyle goals.

Predicting the Future?

Technology is all pervasive and in many cases enables us to look at age old challenges in a different way. For example, specialist software is now available which allows you see YOUR future financial position in terms of income, expenditure, assets and liabilities. This illustrates very clearly how YOUR future cash flow position will impact on YOUR ability to achieve YOUR goals.

Benefits of Cash Flow analysis: –

  1. 1. It provides a clear and precise picture (both visual and numeric) of YOUR current and future financial position
  2. 2.It illustrates how YOUR long-term financial situation is impacted by YOUR current financial behaviours
  3. 3.It allows “What if” scenario planning. This promotes sound decision making as it contextualises YOUR current financial planning decisions and illustrates the future outcome and effect on YOUR goals of making these decisions
  4. 4.It allows the identification of risks and actions required to meet YOUR lifestyle goals

Live the Life You Want

This powerful tool now enables the creation of financial plans which are about YOU living the life that YOU want.

After all, life is not a dress rehearsal

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